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Picking for Pets - Fundraising Events to Help Abandoned Animals

Picking for Pets is a program started in May 2012 by Almeria Strings to help raise funds for organisations and groups that rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned animals in southern Spain. The area has a serious problem of pets being abandoned, and rescue and rehoming organisations are overwhelmed with animals needing care and rehoming. In addition to needed testing and immunisations, many of these rescued dogs and cats are injured or in generally poor condition and need veterinary care and rehabilitation before they can be rehomed.

It is a challenging problem, but Picking for Pets gives anyone who enjoys live acoustic music an opportunity to raise needed funds by hosting a music event. You can choose the animal charity or one of our emergency cases that you wish to support. We provide the musicians, any needed sound equipment and a media kit to help you promote the event. 100% of all money raised will go directly to that organisation to help animals in need.

*Picking for Pets is strictly a fundraising program. It does not have facilities for dogs or cats and cannot take in animals. Please contact your local rescue centre if you have found dogs or cats in need of rehoming.

How You Can Help

Come to an Almeria Strings folk night or music event:

Have an enjoyable evening listening to live folk and acoustic music with friends. We don’t charge admission, but are always grateful for any donations. 100% of all money raised goes directly to animals in need.

Host a Music Event:

If you would like to host a music event to help us raise funds for a local animal charity, contact us! We perform in large venues, folk and acoustic clubs or at house concerts organised for family and friends. 100% of all money raised goes to animals in need!

Foster a Dog or Cat:

There are so many dogs or cats here waiting for homes, and some require temporary foster homes until they are placed or transported to rehoming organisations abroad. If you are interested in offering a temporary or permanent home for an abandoned pet contact a local rescue centre.